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The company of Mr. Kalakonis Nikitas which is located in Kastella Piraeus, has been active for several years in the field of plumbing - works, always offering high quality services at the most competitive prices. Having a specialized workshop, consisting of experienced and responsible plumbers, we can undertake anything related to the plumbing of your space. More specifically, we can undertake and carry out a wide variety of services related to thermohydraulic and hydraulic repairs, maintenance, installations, as well as any kind of water supply, heating, sewerage service.

Maintaining the temperature at acceptable levels in a building (with heating and cooling) consumes a large percentage of energy. In order to keep the temperature in our space, it is not enough to have only heating or cooling stoves, but we also need good insulation in the walls that will not let the outside temperature affect the indoor temperature. With a good insulation we can achieve the temperatures we want at a much lower cost.


When a building is well insulated:

It is energy efficient, thus saving the owner money.

Provides more uniform temperatures throughout the space. There is less temperature gradient both vertically (between the height of the ankle and the height of the head) and horizontally from outside walls, ceilings and windows to the inner walls, thus creating a more comfortable environment for people inside when the outside temperature is very low or high.

It has minimal repetitive output. Unlike heating and cooling equipment, insulation is permanent and requires no maintenance, upkeep or adjustment.

Reduces the carbon footprint of the building.

Many forms of thermal insulation also reduce noise and vibration, both from the outside and from other areas inside a building, thus creating a more comfortable environment.

For every water supply or sewerage work we undertake, we use the most appropriate methods and materials that have been certified, in order to achieve the proper operation of your building.

For any plumbing work you wish to carry out in your building.