Kalakonis Nikitas
Plumbing Installations Kastella Piraeus - Plumbing Installations - Construction Piraeus

The company of Mr. Kalakonis Nikitas which is located in Kastella Piraeus, has been active for several years in the field of plumbing - works and construction work, always offering high quality services at the most competitive prices.
Having a specialized workshop, consisting of experienced and responsible plumbers and craftsmen, we can undertake anything related to plumbing and construction work in your area.
More specifically, we can undertake and carry out a wide variety of services related to thermohydraulic and hydraulic repairs, maintenance, installations, water supply, heating, sewerage, solar systems as well as all kinds of insulation, waterproofing, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, thermal insulation: Water blasting - Sandblasting - Sandblasting, Removal of rust, old paint, graffiti etc from walls, railings, chassis of vehicles, machinery, awnings and from any kind of surface, and in your space.

We repair any damage or problem that occurs in your plumbing installation, from a tire to the reconstruction of the entire installation. We locate and repair responsibly, guaranteed and economically any damage, always offering you high quality services.
We are close to you for every small and big repair in homes, hotels and every professional and industrial space, intervening immediately and giving a solution to your every problem.
Offers & Estimates Free
We provide craftsmen for the whole construction
Experience in construction since 1955
We serve individuals and professionals, directly, at the most preferential prices of the market, from where we are requested.

 Excellent communication and quality work guarantee you the best result.